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Who is FEBC?

FEBC in 10 Seconds, Let’s Go...

  • 50 Countries

  • 130 Languages

  • 700 Broadcast Hours Everyday

  • 3 Billion People Within Reach

Persecution. Geography. Isolation.

These three words explain why more than 2.7 Billion people have yet to hear the Gospel. FEBC breaks down these barriers by developing new technologies, creating biblical messages, and building relationships to reach people with the Gospel.

Quick FAXX::

  • One radio can reach 25 people or more. In most rural villages, people often stop their work to gather around a single radio.

  • Every year more than 1.35 million responses (that’s emails, phone calls, personal visits, letters, etc.) flood our field offices.

  • Gospel broadcasts go where missionaries can’t. Even in remote, primitive and dangerous locations, FEBC can reach beyond borders to share God’s Word.

  • FEBC is involved in the community. Over time our broadcasters become trusted friends in the places we broadcast.

  • More than 793 million people worldwide cannot read. Radio broadcasts overcome illiteracy to share God’s Word.

FEBC Loves Children

Faxx about Kids and the Gospel:

2.7 billion people in the world don’t know Christ, 50% of them are children. If kids don’t accept Christ by the time they are 21, the likelihood of reaching them drops below 23%. FEBC broadcasters share the Gospel with children and teens around the world with fun and engaging programs like:


“Dreaming Hope for Children” is a weekly broadcast that features a morality concept taken from the Bible. First it’s a drama, and then later children can call in and discuss what they’ve heard. Topics include Christian values, school, playing, relationships with friends and parents, honesty, and more.

“Drama for Youth” is a program dedicated to teens to talk about issues like friendships, difficult relationships, loneliness, and growing in Christ. A pastor hosts the program and teens are encouraged to call in.


“Nara and Grandpa Choy” shares stories from the Bible and helps kids learn more about God. Narrated by a grandfather and his grandchild it includes fun songs that children adore and teaches messages about God’s love.

“I Need You” is a talk program for teenagers that covers topics like jobs, leadership, and relationships.

“Children’s Voice” is a new program aimed at giving children a safe place to talk about their needs and concerns and addresses their concerns from a biblical perspective.


“We are the Children of the Lord” is a ½ hour daily broadcast ministering to children and their family with songs and gospel messages hosted by Rev. Seung-young Hong and his wife, Jeong-moon Choi.


“The Happy Mystery Eggs” shares stories that illustrate struggles and situations typical for kids in China.


“Talkback” is aired every Friday night for teenagers. This call in show focuses on concerns about dating, love and relationships from a Christian perspective.


“Once Upon a Time” is an award winning storytelling program based on contemporary children’s books. The goal is to instill a love of reading and biblical values in kids. Each show ends with an interview of the author.


Several programs are broadcasted in Malawi focusing on the Gospel messages for young Yao people (a predominately Muslim population).


“Little Sheep” is a story based program for kids ages 5-7 that airs weekly. Narrated by a professional singer the program follows the adventures of a little sheep throughout life.

“13+” is a weekly “live” one-hour program featuring frank conversations with young teens about life and about God.

“10 Questions for Adults” is a “live” 15 minute program featuring Christian adults answering frank questions from young teens.

“Temple of Stories” tells classic children’s stories and talks about real-life applications. Written for children ages 6-8, a professional musician narrates the stories and includes original songs.


“Jazba-e-Jawan” (Passion of Youth) is a weekly “live” program that is broadcast in the small city of Rawalakot. Each show involves local young people and addresses issues facing youth today.

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