Phoenix Phaxx
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So many of you have been asking us about who the “real” Phoenix Phaxx is – who is the guy we’ve been following around the world? Well here are a few facts about the “real” Phoenix Phaxx. 
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The Real Me!

Non-Adventurer Name          

I’m 14 years old now; but I was 13 years old when we started on the Phoenix Phaxx journeys.

My Family
Mom, Dad, and one older brother, Stephen – he’s 16 years old and was on the big adventure with me. Also we have a fierce little dog named Bentley and a crazy cat named Foma. (Oh, and my grandparents were missionaries for over 30 years in West Africa, and my dad was even born there!)

The best pets ever
Brutus and Maximus, my two Doberman Pinschers – big eaters, but so loveable! Sure do miss them.

Where I go every Monday – Friday
I am a freshman in high school this year. When I was younger, I was also home-schooled.

What I like to study
Mathematics and History

Best part about being in high school
Friends (What? You thought I’d say studying?!!)

I am involved with wrestling, football, baseball

Listening to music, chillaxing with friends, martial arts

Favorite food
Pizza and chicken

Music I like
Country, and Pop

Coke or Pepsi?

McDonald's or Taco Bell?

Dog or Cat?


You Asked Phoenix...


Did you really eat those fried tarantulas?
No way! But my brother, Stephen, did. I was too grossed out.

What is your favorite souvenir you got on your trip?
I bought some awesome t-shirts in each of the countries. T-shirt vendors were everywhere and there were so many amazing designs and colors to choose from.

What was your favorite food on the trip?
All the fruit we had in Bali, like mangoes, guavas, bananas, and dragon fruit. Soooo good! Oh - and sugar cane!

What kind of wild animals did you see?
Monkeys, bats, snakes, elephants, geckos, lizards, spiders, beetles and bugs. Lots.Of.Bugs!

How many different airplanes did you fly on, and how many hours were you actually in the air for the entire trip?
We were on about 18 different airplanes, and our combined flying time was just over 90 hours! But don’t forget, we also traveled by boat, car, van, elephant, train, and helicopter!

How many miles did you travel?
We traveled a little over 33,000 miles - not counting all the miles we walked!

What did you do about school while you were on your adventures around the world?
I was able to get my assignments from my teachers before I left. I finished a bunch of the work before I left, and I also took some of my work with me to do on the trip. But to be honest, I didn’t get much done while traveling – it was too hectic. But my teachers were really helpful, and I was able to make up all my missed assignments soon after I got back. I didn’t mind the extra work, because it was worth it! What an adventure!

How heavy was your backpack?
The backpack I carried weighed about 30 pounds. By the end of the day, it sometimes felt like 130 pounds!

Who went with you on your trip?
My dad, my brother, Stephen, and Jonathan the videographer. We also were accompanied by Eunice, our awesome FEBC coordinator in Southeast Asia and Viktor, our FEBC coordinator in Russia. Then in each country we also traveled with the local FEBC representatives. It was so awesome to get to know all of them and to see them in action!

Do you still have any contact with any of the kids you met on your trip?
I shared contact information with some of the kids I met, but it’s not too easy to keep in touch with them all. I mostly talk to a boy I met in South Korea; his name is Raka and he’s really interesting and fun to chat with.

Do you have a favorite scripture? 
Well there are so many – and there’s nothing like the scriptures in Matthew about the Great Commission! But I think one of my very favorite scriptures is Philippians 4:13 which says it all when it comes to how He helped us on this amazing journey as Phoenix Phaxx traveled the world learning about the Great Commission.

I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

Why do you think this was such an important project for you to do?

Because I really want to share the gospel, and I learned how important it is to follow the words of Jesus when it comes to the Great Commission.  I wanted to tell kids especially what I learned; I think it's important to help other people know how to get to heaven. And I think that the more kids who understand what the Great Commission is all about, the more they will be able to share the gospel.

If you have any questions you would like to ask Phoenix/Christian, just send a message through the Contact page, and we will try to post more questions and answers here in the future! send your Go Radio money online, click here!