Phoenix Phaxx
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How to Get Going With Your Go Radio!

Don't Wait! Get Going With The Great Commission!

It's As Easy As 1-2-3!

1. Grab you Go Radio from you Great Commission Welcome Kit and assemble

2. Fill the radio bank with coins and dollar bills

Don't have any money? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Look around the house for loose change
  • Sell something (make arts & crafts, cookies, etc., or ask your neighbors to donate their old stuff and have a garage sale)
  • Do extra chores to earn $$
  • Ask an adult (parent, grandparent, uncle or aunt) to match what you save or earn
  • Give up going somewhere or buying something and put the money in the radio bank

3. When Phoenix Phaxx' Pocket Guide to the Great Commission is done, add up your savings and make a gift online (or have your parents send a check). Your donation will be doubled by Sonlight Curriculum up to $150,000! That means your $1 actually = $2 towards reaching lost kids for Christ!

So Grab your Go Radio...Let's Go!

How Will They Hear?       

  • 2.7 billion people have never heard about Jesus!                           
  • More than 50% (about 1.4 billion) of them are KIDS!

Who Will Tell Them?

It could be you! Use your Go Radio bank to make the Great Commission come alive by providing radios so kids in other countries can hear about Jesus. And don't forget, you can tell kids in your own neighborhood about Jesus too.

Thanks to the generosity of Sonlight Curriculum, every gift of $30 = 2 RADIOS given to those too poor to purchase their own. Sonlight Curriculum will match every gift up to $150,000 through November 16, 2012.

To send your Go Radio! money online, click here!